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Yet another ClamAV filter for Courier-MTA


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v3.1 Tue 02 Sep 2014 15:09:19 [gpg signature] [rel.notes]
v3.0 Sun 27 Jul 2014 09:07:49 [gpg signature] [announce]



There are some other outstanding ClamAV filters for Courier-MTA out there:

Those three projects started in 2003-2004, more or less in the order listed. At that time, avfilter v.1 used Sophos as a backend scanner. I thought an Open Source anti-virus package could not be workable, because of the total committment required to update virus signatures. My bad. In fact, distributing Sophos' include files had always been problematic, and then the whole interface was apparently discontinued in April 2014; avfilter v.2 is there if anyone feels like porting it. Meanwhile ClamAV, under the aegis of Cisco, is getting better and better. Eric Raymond's prophecies seem to be coming true...

Besides swapping backend engine, rewriting avfilter included a farewell to MIME parsing, a vestige of the time when scanners didn't know about email. Nowadays, scanners deal more and more with phishing, an arena disputed between anti-virus and anti-spam. Since ClamAV is an open product, organizations can build signature databases to target various kinds of malware. Sanesecurity do a good job at maintaining, distributing, and classifying some. The average rate of false positives is part of their classification. Avfilter can be configured so as to allow certain infected messages to pass, with an added header field spelling the name(s) of the malware detected therein. See the docs for details.



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